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Author Archives: Max D

This is the first form of a project I have been working on once in a while. It enables me to take inanimate materials and bring them to a organic state of motion. Like many of my works the impact is much stronger when experienced in person.

The following video demonstrates a live sculpture of tin foil squares.

My laser experiments began in a quest for projections sans projector. I wanted to build a laser scanner for cheap and played around with speakers and regular audio gear. I quickly figured out it would not accomplish what I was seeking and put the project aside. Then I began art school and picked it back up as a project. I was also learning PureData at the time. Then the Lissajous figures exploration began and still have not stopped. So here is a video of where I was at a few years ago. It was focused on doing audio visual drone performance. The audio that would drive the laser would also be amplified, bathing everyone in 30-120Hz range. At this point the input method went from GUI, game-pad, LPD8, to Touch OSC. I do plan on revisiting this, but not yet.

(2010) Kinetic sculpture
Exploring the acoustic appeal of combustion motors.


(2010) iBox provokes the viewer to restrict use of their smartphone by securing it under lock and key in a box equipped only with a one-finger interface, rendering the use of the phone all the more bothersome. In its “locked” state, the device reveals an inherent mechanism of its operating system: the software running the system is itself also “locked”, thus restricting its usage under the guise of a simpler user interface. The user is then offered to unlock their phone with the help of lock picks.

After having a domain for nearly two years, its time to populate it. But my rigorous decision process comes in and strikes up debates, preventing me from completing anything useful regarding this place. Factors in play are time, motivation, lack of html/css knowledge, yet wanting to create and future consequences to my decision.

After trying simple html, mediawiki, concrete5, I decided to conform with the masses and choose wordpress. Perhaps I was swayed due to my recent decision to acquire a smart phone. Am I getting soft? As long as my choices give me new creative possibilities. Onwards!